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Roxy Rose

Roxy Rose


Purchased   •   June 13, 2017

ARoxyRose fell in our laps quite unexpectedly.  We were not in the market for a camper at all.  Then we spent memorial day weekend up in the mountains and fell victim to A LOT of rain.  Our Popup kept us dry as a bone inside, but we didn’t want to break down and pack her up wet.  So as I sat outside watching travel trailer after travel trailer unplug and roll away I got a pang of longing.  I figured it couldn’t hurt to check what was available and low and behold I found a deal that was too good to pass up.  She needed work and she was a perfect canvas for my dream of a full Glamper renovation.  We wasted no time getting started with the demo, we had a tight deadline to get her done in time to meet 60 of our friends for a camping weekend 6 hours away a month after we began.

Chaos Ensued

Our home looked like a RV parts dumping ground.  We probably received over 20 boxes from Amazon of that 4 week period.  We were both busting our tails night and day, finishing our nights with our one meal of the day and stiff drink before crashing to sleep.  Our skill set is so different, yet so much the same.  I am the creative side and Jay is the builder, painter, plumber, electrician, super hero.

The good news is we met our deadline and had an amazing time with our friends, we also learned so much we decided we could start a business!

RoxyRose is a 2006 Jayco Jayflight with a 1950’s Retro theme.

  • New Shorter Dinette Bench

  • Wood Plank Vinyl Flooring

  • Primer and Paint

  • Custom Artwork

  • Hand Upholstered Cushion Covers

  • Custom Black Out Curtains

  • Hand Sewn Decorative Valances

  • Custom Logo Design

  • Unique Custom Table

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