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Heart Of The Gypsy Is Born

Heart Of The Gypsy Is Born

When Dreams Become Realities

Ellie Breslin and Jay Groff   •   July 27, 2017

AAfter listing our first Glamper for sale and being blown away by the outpouring of interest and support, we decided to jump in with both feet.  “Heart of the Gypsy” represents our wanderlust, free spirits and our insatiable desire for new experiences and places.  We love taking something old and making it unique and fantastic, then sending it off to be enjoyed by others.  Every camper we sell will be mechanically sound and styled differently.   Our dream is to encourage more people to go camping and explore the world together.

Momentum is building

Our next project is about to begin and it will be our biggest yet!

  • Complete Rehabilitation Services

  • Interior Decorating

  • RV Consultation

  • Restoration

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